Listen to the Whole Album

I want to challenge you to pick up an old favorite. Like REALLY favorite. An album that you listened to from the first song to the last every day for like 3 months.

And listen to it AGAIN from first to last.

I am listening to Abbey Road right now. Do you know how surprised I was when I knew what song was coming after Maxwell’s Silver Hammer? I just automatically started singing Oh! Darling! Before it even started. 

I know someone’s going to say, oh yeah, that happens to me all the time. And I’m gonna say FOUL I cry foul! Whatever, you can think that if you want.

Meanwhile, I’m gonna encourage these people over here who will admit that they don’t actually listen to albums anymore.

I started my rant/encouragement walked away, made dinner and fed Lola, so now I’m on Eagle’s Live. You know, the red double disc? I’m gonna say something completely ridiculous, brace yourself, it’s like I have this brightness in my heart. Like I’m the Evil Queen with the black heart and now just a little bit of glowing brightness is cracking through.

That’s how good it feels to listen to an album you once “binge-listened” (can we say that? Yuk.) to. Transport me, baby. Get me out of this deep dark hole.

Grab your Spotify or whatever streaming service has made us forsake our CD’s (guilty) and instead of listening to your mix. Look up that long lost favorite album, turn off shuffle, hit the first song.

Let me know how it goes.

Sing it

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