Raised on The Radio is for my love of music and sharing my favorites with you.

The digital age has completely unraveled the way we listen to music. But it has also accelerated the way we communicate.

Hang out with me, slow down, I promise the DJ won’t talk over your favorite memory.

More Than This

This morning I had one of those moments that sucked me back into time. Full on trails as my body was pulled backwards to the me I was in the early 90s. I was a funny version of myself then, early 20s, kind of hollow. I was filling that hollowness with music, very specific friends, … Continue reading More Than This

Listen to the Whole Album

I want to challenge you to pick up an old favorite. Like REALLY favorite. An album that you listened to from the first song to the last every day for like 3 months. And listen to it AGAIN from first to last. I am listening to Abbey Road right now. Do you know how surprised … Continue reading Listen to the Whole Album

Twisted Mix Tape

Welcome to Twisted Mix-Tape on Raised on the Radio. The new home for my most favorite weekly music bytes. If you want to play along, please comment with your favorite songs! This is what makes me tick. Me and music, we go hand in hand. I carry earbuds with me everywhere I go. My favorite … Continue reading Twisted Mix Tape


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