Write For Raised on the Radio


I love guest posts!

Are you “One of us?” Was the radio and television your mother before there were laws against that?

Write me something. Memories about radio, listening to albums, what’s wrong with television these days, favorite artists and bands, old concert experiences, soundtracks, creating that perfect mixtape by using reflexes and a cassette deck (or the more modern tape to tape)!

I will be happy to read whatever form you feel most comfortable with; memoir, fiction, poetry, vlog, I’m open!

Please do your best to keep your submission down to 900 words or less. There is no minimum as long as you can make your point. If you want to include links to certain songs or images in the post please let me know, due to copyright issues I may have to choose the artwork. I will take original work as well as re-blogged as long as it’s been over 30 days.

If its original, please copy and paste into an email, if it’s re-blogged you can just send me the link.

Email me at jen@jenkehl.com

Looking forward to hearing from you!


One thought on “Write For Raised on the Radio

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