About Jen

Why I can’t remember your cousin’s name, which lead singer is from which speed metal band or what I did last weekend. There just isn’t enough room in my brain.

My Favorite Quote is Arthur Conan Doyle, from a The Sherlock Holmes story A Study in Scarlet :
“I consider that a man’s brain originally is like a little empty attic, and you have to stock it with such furniture as you choose. A fool takes in all the lumber of every sort that he comes across, so that the knowledge which might be useful to him gets crowded out, or at best is jumbled up with a lot of other things, so that he has a difficulty in laying his hands upon it. Now the skillful workman is very careful indeed as to what he takes into his brain-attic. He will have nothing but the tools which may help him in doing his work, but of these he has a large assortment, and all in the most perfect order. It is a mistake to think that that little room has elastic walls and can distend to any extent. Depend upon it there comes a time when for every addition of knowledge you forget something that you knew before. It is of the highest importance, therefore, not to have useless facts elbowing out the useful ones.

First favorite song: Rikki Don’t Lose That Number by Steely Danjen hat and boo 250x250.jpg

When I need comedic inspiration I go to: Woody Allen or Shawn Spencer

When I need to relax I watch: Star Trek Next Generation

When I need to relax I listen to: The Girl From Ipanema Pandora Station

My top three favorite 70’s shows, in no particular order are: Three’s Company, The Love Boat and Laverne and Shirley. (I lie, there are so many more)

Why I am disappointed in the world we live in: They promised we’d have flying cars and personal robots by now.

Why Raised on the Radio: I was raised on the radio, how about you? Every song I ever heard came over the air waves, unless I heard it on Donny and Marie or The Muppet Show. The radio playing at the pool on a hot summer day, in my bedroom just waiting for my favorite song, in my dad’s car as we drove around town.

Radio is so intertwined with who I am- as an adult. In my past. All of my memories. I feel sad for the children of the digital age who will never have to anticipate, be patient, get excited that maybe…maybe…their favorite song will come on next.

The digital age has completely unraveled the way we listen to music. But it has also accelerated the way we communicate.

Hang out with me, slow down, I promise the DJ won’t talk over your favorite memory.

Don’t forget to say hi!



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